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Reviews from our customers & clients

Bangos M. April 2015

We did a good job repairing their appliances, and they were happy to share it with the world!

Donald Stewart July 2014

Your repair technician “Konstantine” got our dishwasher running after replacing parts that had previously been replaced. He is very through and knowledgeable.

Andrew Peterson May 2014

Thank you Randall G. for the excellent, timely, economical repair.

Sandra Edelstein January 2014

The knob on my dryer broke off. Gil came out to repair it. Quick service and good job.

Phong Wong August 2013

Great service, very fast & efficient!

Marcy August 2013

More testimonials from real customers! May 2013. Call Active Appliances if you need repairs! 888-882-2848.