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Hugh B. May 2013

Have been a customer of Active Appliances for a long time, my family used them too. They are always on top of things. Even if we have emergency, they try to accommodate us. Reliable and honest company.


Great company; very dependable. Active Appliance is a very reliable appliance repair company in the area. My wife and I have used their services several times throughout the years for major home appliances such as our dishwasher, washing machine, and our fridge, but I believe they fix just about everything. We’ve had a very positive experience each and every time. Personally, I believe that it’s great to have dependable and skilled repair technicians so close to our home.

They are always on time, and very professional. I prefer using this company because the technicians are factory trained and authorized, unlike many of the companies or handy men we have worked with in the past. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve worked with handy men who have to go buy the parts and the issue is still not fixed properly, plus it costs us more money in the long run. However, most of the time with Active, the technicians are able to identify the problem and fix the issue during the same visit. This is nearly unheard of in the industry, but it sure saves us time and money.

I also prefer working with Active because the technicians are super clean. Each technician who has worked in our home has cleaned up after himself; my wife and I really appreciate this.
It’s astonishing just how much our family relies on major appliances, so it’s important for us to have someone we can trust to get the job done right, without costing a fortune!  We plan to continue using this company in the future, and have already recommended them to our friends and family who live in the area.

Michael F.

I would never be able to put my dishes in the dishwasher and go to bed, the noise was so loud there was no way anyone in our house could sleep while the dishes where being washed. So I contacted Active Appliance since I have heard a lot of good things about this company. So I contacted them and they sent a technician over to our house the next day. His name was Vlad. he instantly figured out the issue and fixed it, however, he told us that our dishwasher is old and needs to be replace since it will give us that very problem in the future again.

He was quick, professional, he did not talk much like other technicians who come to your house and talk more than they work. He was great. He replaced some valves and completed the job in less than 1 hour.  He was such an honest person that told me I will have the same issue later if we do not get a new dishwasher. Other companies they come fix and know that after a month you will call them again. He was honest and very professional.

I thank Active Appliances for their wonderful service. And definitely will go with them again in case of a problem.

Monique L.

We bought our house 7 years ago and I have no idea how long the dishwasher has been there for before us. So after performing a wonderfully for 7 years it finally broke and we did not want to change it since the kind we have is a rare kind and is very powerful compare to the ones they sale right now. So we started to look for a appliance repair company / technician who can work with those old model and who can be competent and professional.

I made couple of calls to different places and they would give me crazy prices over the phone or they would say that it is a very rare brand and they do not work with those anymore.

So I found Active Appliance on line and called them. They told me they will come over to our house to look at the appliance and give us a quote, which perfectly worked for us.

So in 2 days they came over to our house and quoted us an amazing price and we told them we want to proceed with them with that price without any hesitation.

So our dishwasher is up and running like a brand new one since they had to order a new part which was already dead.

Thank you so very much to Active Appliance for their professionalism, their punctuation, and their honesty.

Brenda Roman May 2013

Vardan was efficient. He was efficient in diagnosis the problem with my fridge and fixing it. I like their services and their attitude.