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March 2013


When it comes to repairing a broken appliance, it’s important for your service agent to diagnose the problem correctly. When calling us to schedule a service, and later on, at the service call, sometimes you can help us by providing the important information about what exactly happened with your broken appliance that needs repair, and we can therefore yet in and out of your home much faster.

For example, if you have a broken dryer that needs repair, and you were at home when it broke, you may have heard a particular type of sound, smelled a unique odor, or witnessed some other type of malfunction. By telling this to the person repairing your dryer, he or she may be able to better identify the problem.


Sometimes, when a range or cooktop needs repair, the customer tried resetting or somehow fiddling with the controls. If you have made any changes to your broken range or other than that needs repair, it is important to tell the appliance repair person what you have done, so they do not overlook anything.

Of course, any information that you can provide in connection with the problem in the broken appliance will be helpful and appreciated.

Medina J. March 2013

I have used Active Appliance repair twice. The technician was very professional, took time to find a problem and solution. This company has very compatible prices , and they stand behind their good customer service. I am very happy with the work, and will continue to use them if the need arises.

Pierre Z.

They have come to my house several times in the last few years to repair my appliances, mainly my dishwasher which usually has problem with food particles getting stuck in the drain. I use First American Home Buyers warranty company and they use these guys. I have been happy with their service every single time. In one occasion, they even fixed a second problem I had, without charging me the extra co-pay.

The employees have usually been Russians, but communication has not been a problem. In general, all their staff seem to be experts at what they are doing and don’t talk much. They just get down to business and complete the work.

They have always done a good job, so I thought I should add my experience.

Greg Windman March 2013

I have been with them for more than 5 years, and keep using them, because I don’t think there is a company better out there. From what I heard from others, Active are still number one.