Monthly Archives: August 2012

Zack O'Neill August 2012

It looks like we people have different experiences in life, and this is very natural.  My experience was great, I was happy with my technician and final results. He fixed the problem and also helped me with other issues I had. So, I can say, that If in the future will need some repairs done, definitely will call Active!

John Smith August 2012

Totally pleased that my microwave could be analyzed on the spot, parts replaced, and I did not have to purchase a new microwave.

Benito Hahn August 2012

Vardan is great. He really represents your company wonderfully. Smart, thorough, helpful, kind, courteous. Wonderful customer service.

Benjamin Turk

Have been using this company for at least 5 years. Sometimes I have to wait for the part a day or two, but finally the appliances are fixed. I have very expensive Kitchen Appliances, all stainless steel, and I spent good money to make my kitchen like a show room, and I am very comfortable with this company. The last repair was under warranty and they fixed it right away. I was happy to write a review when the tech handled me the card. He asked me if its OK with me if the company will post it online. I told him that I will leave online as well.